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Our production stronghold resides on the picturesque island of Mauritius. For over two decades, we have forged a deeply knowledgeable and proficient network of industry veterans dispersed worldwide from this island base. Our in-house connoisseurs are adept at crafting any style of leather garment and unstructured bag. The factory is wholly outfitted with the capabilities to render garment treatments such as washing, tumbling, sanding, and waxing, as well as cultivating vintage effects for skins. Through our global nexus of seasoned professionals, we are equipped to fulfill any special request made by a client, including nuanced skin modifications. Additionally, we are well-versed and skilled in intricate hand embroidery and hand stitching.

Mauritius is a tranquil and stable haven on Earth, characterized by its democratic principles and strategic memberships in COMESA, SADC, and AGOA. This ensures that shipments destined for the USA, UK, and EU are granted duty-free entry. Further augmenting our global reach, Mauritius also enjoys a Free Trade Agreement with China, assuring duty-free export to this major market.


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